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4.5-18 m telescopic aluminium mast kit, motorised

TM 250 Series

  • Aluminium telescopic masts for vehicle, shelter or trailer integration
  • Rigid platform for payloads such as EO/IR systems, cameras, sensors and antennas
  • Hexagonal mast sections all nest within the 250 mm bottom section
  • Compact footprint minimises space claim required for integration
  • Configurable design for deployed and retracted heights as well as payload weight and pointing accuracy
  • Superior performance for on-the-pause applications
  • Fast motorised deployment with low power consumption
  • Fully deployed heights up to 18 metres*
  • Capable of supporting payloads up to 350 kg*
  • Cable management options for routing payload cables outside the mast
  • Customisable top interface for payload integration
  • Fully compatible with Comrod Automated Payload Alignment System (CAPAS) rotators and tilters. Common communication protocol allowing fully automated payload deployment and positioning
  • Qualified to MIL STD 810-G, MIL STD 461-E, MIL STD 1275-E

* Actual values will be subject to a combination of top load weight, top load area and pointing accuracy required.

Mast Deployed Height Retracted Height Typical Payload/Wind Surface Area* Number of Sections
TM250-4.5/1.15 4.5 m 1.15 m 115 kg / 0.3 m² 6
TM250-6.5/1.6 6.5 m 1.6 m 350 kg / 1.5 m² 6
TM250-10/2.3 10 m 2.3 m 300 kg / 0.75 m² 6
TM250-12/2.3 12 m 2.3 m 150 kg / 1.5 m² 7
TM250-13.5/2.3 13.5 m 2.3 m 150 kg / 1.5 m² 8
TM250-18/3 18 m 3 m 70 kg / 0.8 m² 8

* Typical values shown.  Actual values will be subject to a combination of payload weight, payload area and pointing accuracy required.  Guying may be required for pointing accuracy.  Please contact Eylex to discuss your specific requirement.