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HF rhombic/sloping vee wire dipole antenna, 2 x 105 m, 2-30 MHz

Rhombic Antennas

Directional tactical wire antenna, designed for long-range point-to-point communications. This antenna can also be installed in Sloping Vee.

The antenna in rhombic configuration is installed on a surface of the following directions: 220 m in the direction of the transmission, and 100 m in the perpendicular direction. In Sloping Vee configuration, the installation area is 180 m by 100 m.

Frequency Range 2-30 MHz
VSWR < 2 at transformer entry
< 1.5 to 2 MHz
Radiating Diagrams, V Plan See Charts Tab
Permissible Power 1 kW
Weight < 340 kg
Number of Bags* 9
Total Volume* < 2 m³
Maximum Weight of a Bag* < 44 kg
Maximum Length of a Bag* 1.5 m
Installation Time In Rhombic Configuration: 3 hours at 3 persons
In Sloping Vee Configuration: 2 hours at 2 persons
Colour Army green

* See details on datasheet§.

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