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Vehicle mounting bracket for ComPact 1200 Dual-Input Series power supplies


Vehicle mount bracket for ComPact AC/DC Series Power Supplies. Suitable for ComPact 1200 dual-input series power supplies and battery chargers.

Colour Dark Green, MGK-93
Paint Teknodur 3830-04
Mounting 4 pc M8 screw
Vibration MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6C Table 514.6C-VI. Composite wheeled vehicle vibration exposures figure 514.6C-3
Shock MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6, Procedure I, functional Shock, 40g 11ms
Fungus Analysis of the degree of inertness to fungus growth of the components in accordance with with MIL-HDBK-454 by analysis
Dimensions Width:         22.9 cm
Height:        16.4 cm
Depth:         43 cm
Weight 3.4 kg