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9 m manportable sectional mast kit, 1.3 m sections


The MV9-DP is a vertical mounted mast deployed by a two person crew.  The mast is light manpack transportable and is soldier friendly. It has been designed to military standards in order to support omnidirectional or wire antennas (directive antenna support is also available).

This particular mast allows for mounting an antenna in less than 5 minutes on most military fields or in the forest, this is due to the
exclusive Comrod vertical mounting system.

Height 9 m
Tip Diameter 40 mm
Maximum Top Load Omni Antenna 5 kg
Wire Antenna Horizontal Load 50 kg
Maximum Wind Speed 130 km/h
Maximum Temperature – 40°C to + 70°C
Deployment Time 5 minutes with 2 people
Total Weight 18 kg
Transport Length 1.26 m
Guy Radius 9 m
Guys Two level – three way