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9 m ultra light manportable sectional mast kit, 1 m sections


The MUL 9.0-1.0 is an ultralight mast with a very short deployment time. This feature is particularly appreciated by Airborne Units.

This mast has been designed to support a light wire antenna or a very light omnidirectional antenna, which makes instant radio connections possible in any area.

The lifting system is identical to the very popular Comrod fishing rods: all tubes (conical) are stored in the bigger one, they are extracted from the bigger tube at the bottom and sleeved one into the other.

Height 9 m
Tip Diameter 22.5 mm
Maximum Headload 0.7 kg
Maximum Wind Load 80 km/h
Total Weight 3 kg
Mast Section Weight 1.9 kg
Temperature Range – 40°C to + 70°C
Guys 3 way
Standard Colour IR-NATO Army Green
Packaging 1 bag
Packed Length 1.2 m
Setup Time (typical) 5 minutes