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9.3 m manportable sectional mast kit, 1.3 m sections


Very light military tactical mast, with quick deployment or retraction, designed for supporting omnidirectional or wire antennas.

This mast can be deployed by 1 or 2 operators in 10 minutes and requires no maintenance.

Height 9.3 m
Tip Diameter 41.8 mm
Admissible Headload Weight:   7 kg
Wind Side Area:   0.20 m²
Wind Load (120 km/h wind):   170 N
Maximum Admissible Wind with Load
(according to DIN 1055)
130 km/h
Fixation of Wire Antenna With two pulleys on top at 4.7 m
Guy Radius 9 m
Total Unit Weight 13 kg
Pillar Weight 10 kg
Tube Diameter 47 mm
Temperature Range – 40°C to + 70°C
Anchoring 4 points
Standard Colour IR-NATO 24 x 5 Army Green
Setup Time < 10 minutes
Time for Tilting Only 1 minute
Packing 1 bag
Total Volume 35 dm³
Maximum Length 1.3 m

An operator manual is provided with each mast