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HF adjustable wire dipole antenna, 1.5-35 m, 2-30 MHz

HF230AWD Series

  • 2-30 MHz – 400W
  • Dipole elements with 300 Ω balanced feed.
  • Permits fast frequency shifts as it does not require adjustments.
  • Easy to erect and disassemble.
  • Two version of the kit are available:-
    • Standard Kit – antenna supplied in a carrying bag with standard length dipole wires.
    • Enhanced Kit – antenna supplied with sturdy carrying case and additional longer dipoles wires for improved low frequency performance.
  • Both versions of the kit are supplied with two 9 metre sectional support mast kits.
Frequency Range 2-30 MHz
Power Rating 400 W CW
Input Impedance 300 Ω balanced
Design Wire dipole feed with a 300 Ω balanced feed
Element Span 26 m
Wind Rating 55 m/s = 201 km/h
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C
Installation Between two support masts (supplied) raised 7-9 m above the ground
Antenna Kit Weights Standard Version: 3.7 kg
Enhanced Version: 17 kg
Mast Kit Weight (each) 15.2 kg