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VHF elevated whip antenna, dipole, mast mounted, 8.1 m, 151.7-153.9 MHz


The HA338 is the combination of a very lightweight mast, the Comrod AMX70 with a lightweight VHF antenna. The mast, antenna and accessories are packed in one bag with shoulder strap.

The HA338 system is easily carried and erected by one person.

Frequency Range 151.7-153.9 MHz, but can be modified for other frequencies
VSWR < 1.5
Power Rating 50 W
Connector UHF female
Antenna Design Centre fed coaxial dipole
Mast Section 7 pieces, 1 m each
Fibreglass composite Polyurethane lacquer, olive drab finish
Guys 3 pieces, 3 mm braided line on winder with adjustable lock and hooks each end
Guy Pegs 3 pieces aluminium
Carrying Bag Strong PVC coated nylon
Separate pocket for accessories
Base Support Aluminium plate with ball for easy erection
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C
Length, Total 8.05 m
Total, Weight (standard version) 120 x 25   4.0 kg
Mast Sections 7 sections 1.1 m  2.1 kg
Antenna 1   0.7 kg
Guy Rope with Winder 3 pcs 8 m line   0.3 kg
Guy Pegs 3 pcs  30 cm   0.4 kg
Hammer 1   0.45 kg
Base Hinge 1   0.15 kg
Carrying Bag 1 pc   1.2 m   0.5 kg