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EMP Protection – In-Line DC-3000 MHz

EMP Protector-N-Li

In-line EMP-Protector is equipped with a gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arrester device that protects personnel and electrical equipment from damaging high voltage transients induced by lightning, inductive switching, or electrostatic discharge.

The GDT module can be easily replaced after a strike or surge.

The unit can be earthed using an M4 screw connection or supplied solder/crimp tag.

Frequency Range DC-3000 MHz
VSWR < 1.3:1
Nominal Impedance 50 Ω (nominal)
Power Rating 25 W or 150 W (see datasheet)
GDT 90 V or 350 V (see datasheet)
Insertion Loss 0.2 dB maximum
DC DC continuity for remote powering
Connectors N type (see datasheet)
Grounding M4 screw connection or crimp/solder terminal
Housing Nickel plated brass
Weight 130 g
Length 65 mm (see datasheet)
Insulation PTFE
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C
Model Name GDT / Power
EMP-Protector-N(f)-N(m)-90 90 V / 25 W
EMP-Protector-N(f)-N(m)-230 230 V / 150 W
EMP-Protector-N(f)-N(f)-90 90 V / 25 W
EMP-Protector-N(f)-N(f)-230 230 V / 150 W