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Vehicle, Shelter and Mast Mounts

Dipole Antenna Mounts

Comrod produces a large range of dipole antennas suitable for mounting on vehicles, shelters and elevating on masts. Dipole antennas do not require a groundplane so are particularly suited to elevating on a support mast. To enable deployment across all tactical and fixed platforms, Comrod has a large range of antenna bases and mounting adaptors.

Comrod dipole antennas are supplied with either a Comrod VM or CEF type connection between the antenna element and base/mounting. The connection shares the same size mounting thread but has a different internal RF contact. Antennas with an upper frequency of around 450 MHz use the VM connector. Antennas with an upper frequency above 450 MHz use the CEF type connector. Both of these connectors are proprietory to Comrod.