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Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


NSN: 6140-01-493-7623

This product complies with SMBus v1.1, SBData v1.1 and forms part of the ‘Intelligent Battery System’®

Typically used in:

  • AN/PRC-68 (Radio Set)
  • AN/PRC-126 (Radio Set)

Replacement for or Compatible with:

  • BB-388/U
  • BB-588/U
  • BB-388A/U (BT-70788)
  • BA-1588/U
Dimensions Length: 89 mm
Width: 30 mm
Height: 89 mm
Weight 0.36 kg
Voltage 14.4 V
Capacity 2.2 Ah
Operating Temperature – 20°C to + 55°C
Storage Temperature – 40°C to + 40°C
Connector Snap type per MIL-B-18
State of Charge Indicator 5 Segment LCD with constant display
Disposal Environmentally safe – See Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Charger Part Number Required Adaptor Part Number
BTC-70801 BTA-70808
BTC-70844 BTA-70808
BTC-70819 BTA-70808
BTC-70836 BTA-70841
BTC-70870, -1, -3 BTA-70841