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HF, two piece sectional whip, monopole, end feed, 7 m, 1.6-30 MHz

AT73 Series

The AT73 series of antennas are a high-quality fibreglass HF antenna for marine coastal and SSB telephony bands.  They are a high-quality antenna with durable construction and a beautiful finish for installation on all kinds of vessels.

The antenna is side-fed and the bottom bracket does not need to be insulated.

Frequency Range 1.6-30 MHz
Power Rating 1 kW PEP
Static Capacitance 70 pF at 2 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
Pattern Omnidirectional
Electrical Length 6.8 m
Feed System Open wire, side feed
Design Fibreglass whip in two sections. Stainless steel.
Height 7.3 m
Weight 5.1 kg
Sections Base 3.5 m
Top 3.5 m
Wind Rating 55 m/s = 201 km/h
Moment of Flexure 85 kpm at 55 m/s
Deflection due to Wind Load 4.2 m at tip ball with 55 m/s wind load
Finish Polyurethane lacquer, white
Chrome plated fittings
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C
Ice Build-up Not affected