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8.5 m manportable sectional mast kit, including cables and brackets, 1.2 m sections


NSN: 5985-25-136-9199

AMX85 is a portable, lightweight, dielectric antenna mast system consisting of 7 tubular fibreglass sections.  The AMX85 is designed for support of one or two broadband VHF antennas (not included) (Comrod VHF3088VM).  AMX85 could however, also be used for a number of other applications, for instance as support for broadband HF dipole or other antenna systems.

Mast Sections Fibreglass tube 43/38, 122 cm long with 10 cm aluminium spigot. Olive drab lacquer finish. 7 pcs
Guys 4 pcs, 3 mm braided line on winder with adjustable lock and snap hooks each end
Guy Pegs 6 pcs hot galvanised steel
Base Support Fibreglass with spikes
Top Load Maximum 4 kg
Moment of Flexure Maximum 60 kpm
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 55°C
Length, Erected 8.5 m
Total Weight, Standard Version 1135 x 22 x 15 cm   16.2 kg
Mast Sections 7 sections   1 kg
Guy Rope with Winder 4 pieces   0.2 kg
Guy Pegs 6 pieces   0.3 kg
Base Support 1 piece   0.2 kg
Hammer 1 piece   1.2 kg
Carrying Bag 1 piece   2.2 kg
Cable on Winder 2 pieces, 15 m   1.0 kg
Bracket 2 pieces   0.5 kg