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Tuff Handset


The DAC Tuff Handset is moulded in a robust polyurethane material providing excellent durability and resistance to wear even in the most arduous environments.

The 2D/200 Handset has a proven track record of reliability.  In use for over 25 years with many of the original units still operating and providing dependable communications, often in safety critical applications.  Used throughout the world within many environments and applications.

  • Tough material and construction
  • Available with single or dual PTT (Push to Talk)
  • Industry proven
  • Various transducer (Mic and Speaker) Options
  • Reed relay option to detect on/off hook
  • Excellent aesthetic and ergonomic design
  • Customer specific connectivity
  • Patented design
  • Highly resistant to misuse
  • Number of cable length options
  • Suited to many user applications
  • Robust and vandal resistent