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Intellex+ intelligent battery anaylser for BB-250 batteries


NSN: 66-163-0228

Rapid tri-colour LED indication gives users confidence their batteries won’t let them down in the field, informs the user the battery requires charging, or the battery will not achieve optimum performance.

The Intellex+ is a small form factor, ergonomic, single handed device that requires no training.

The Intellex+ classifies healthy batteries that will perform when needed and any sub-standard batteries that should be avoided.  Small enough to carry on missions, battery status can be readily obtained.

Support staff, such as Signals and Q Store personnel, can identify and categorise their battery inventory status.  All readings are logged with a time and date stamp onto an internal memory card, accessible via USB, for easy analysis and manipulation in Microsoft Excel, allowing you to sort and categorise your batteries by age and/or health and monitor your battery fleet ageing to forecast replenishment buys.

The Intellex+, Smart, Plug and Play Battery Analyser is easy to use, ergonomic, will save you time, give you confidence and can be an invaluable tool through enhancing battery management and prolonging battery life.

Dimensions Length: 60 mm
Width: 50 mm
Height: 40 mm
Weight 70 grams
Material/Colour Plastic / Black
Disposal Environmentally safe – contains 0% Mercury or Cadmium