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Shelter/Naval Rugged Multi-Function Consoles

Vista 5/700

ScioTeq Display Solution

Depending on your application, you can opt for one or two rugged display(s)
and an additional 10.1” Rugged Multi-touch input terminal (1280×800
resolution). The main displays can be provided with the P-CAP Multi-touch
touchscreen technology.

Ergonomic Console Desktop
ScioTeq’s Vista 700 Compact consoles provide an ergonomic Human Machine
Interface based on a customisable desktop including :
Fixed part:
– 10.1” Rugged touch input terminal (1280×800 resolution) equipped with
Multi-touch touchscreen and ATOM processor unit.

– Stereo audio speakers/amplifier linked to main computer audio function

– Optional secured OLED push-button modules (SMARTKEYS) and Audio/ Headset devices

Foldable part:
–  Rugged backlit keyboard and ergonomic 2”-3 buttons trackball

–  Optional Joystick

Vista 500
External Interfaces Up to 2x Display Port (DP) inputs
USB/Ethernet ports for input devices
1x TID Ethernet Port
1x Power Input
Vista 700
Computer Performance Quad Core Intel® Core™ i7-6700 3.4 GHz with 16 GB system memory (up to 32 GB)
SATA3 2.5” 512Go SSD (system disk)
Windows 7/10 – 64 bits and Linux CentOS – 64 bits
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 530 with up to three graphics outputs
Rear Connections 2x 1 Gb Ethernet for main computer
and 2x 1 Gb Ethernet if Touch Input Terminal option
2x RS422/232 ports
1x Power Input
Vista 500-700
Input Devices Foldable desktop: Rugged backlit keyboard and Trackball, Joystick in option
Stereo Speakers
Optional multi-touch touchscreen on the main displays, one or two Smartkey modules
Optional audio headset connector and external audio input
Displays 1x or 2x main displays + 1x Touch Input Terminal inside the desktop
(10.1’’ 1280×800 with P-CAP)
Dimensions Top/Down: (WxHxD mm): 600x930x740 (excluding shock absorbers)
Single Head: (WxHxD mm): 600x570x740 (excluding shock absorbers)
Power 100-240 VAC auto range, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 300 W typical
Weight Top Down version: 65 kg
Single Head version: 50 kg
System Availability MTBF: Vista 700: GF H24 typ. 6,500 h @ 25°C (depending of the final configuration)
MTBF: Vista 500: GF H24 typ. 11,000 h @ 25°C (depending of the final configuration)
Altitude/ Low Pressure Operating MIL-STD-810G Meth 500.4
Operating Up to 15,000 ft (570 mBar)
Shocks Operating MIL-STD-810G
Soft mount: 50 g – 6 ms half sine and 40 g-11 ms half sine
Hard-mount: 20 g – 11 ms half sine
Vibrations Operating MIL-STD-167-1 Type 1
MIL-STD-810G 514.6 Cat21, 1-100 Hz/0.001 g²/Hz (0.3 g RMS), 2 h/axis
Vibrations during Transportation Non Operating MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, procedure I and II, category 4:
Truck highways: 1.0 g RMS 10-500 Hz vertical, 0.2 g RMS 10-500 Hz transversal, 0.7 g RMS
10-500 Hz
Longitudinal, 1 h/axe for 1609 km
EMI/EMC CE directive CEM
2004/108/EEC refers to EMI directive.
2006/95/EEC refers to Low Voltage Safety directive
MIL-STD-461G Navy ships (surface ships and submarines)