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Viasat eMail® Software

Viasat eMail Software

When teamed with a Viasat Data Controller and Combat Net Radio, the Viasat eMail application delivers powerful messaging capabilities during tactical operations. Armed with this feature-rich Windows®-based program, tactical warfighters can email, chat and send files over wireless channels using existing tactical radios*. Viasat eMail software is field-proven to enable efficient and reliable communications over tactical channels, including UHF DAMA SATCOM. The software is free to Viasat Data Controller users and packs six warfighter communication tools into one package:

  • Notes: Chat-like functionality to Viasat eMail users on the radio network.
  • Files: Send file data to other terminals on the Viasat eMail network.
  • Mail: Mail client allows users to send mail messages from one Viasat eMail station to another. Users can also send and receive remote email through a VDC-550 or embeddable VDC-555 on the radio network to a POP3 server on an IP tactical network.
  • FTP: When used with a router Viasat Data Controller, users can connect to a remote FTP server on an IP Tactical Network.
  • Address Book: Maintains a list of addresses commonly used to communicate with other Viasat eMail stations, as well as other types of servers.
  • Logs: An extensive logging system provides the warfighter with a mechanism to track transfers and application details, helpful for debugging and informative purposes.