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VHF/UHF vehicle whip, dual-band, dipole/dipole, GPS, 2.9 m, 30-88 MHz, 225-512 MHz


Setting a new standard for platform independent wideband communication, the VHF30512DB-DD combines two independent dipole antennas to offer a complete VHF/UHF solution.

Providing consistent communication performance across both the 30-88 MHz and 225-512 bands, the antenna is suitable for use on all modern in-service military platforms, including armoured or soft skin, metal chassis or composite, wheeled or tracked.  As the antenna does not rely on any monopole element it does not require a ground plane.

A wide range of bases are available to suit different NATO mounting configurations. Antenna bases can be provided with optional integrated GNSS antennas such as GPS L1-GALILEO E1 or GPS L1-L2.

Frequency Range 30-88 MHz 225-512 MHz
VSWR 3.6 3
Nominal Impedance 50 Ω
Power Rating 80 W 50 W
Gain – 6 to – 3 dBi – 2 to + 2 dBi
Average 0 dBi
Radiation Diagram Azimuth: Omnidirectional
Polarisation Vertical
Connectors BNC female TNC female
Design Dual-dipole design.  Radiating elements completely enclosed in epoxy/fibreglass laminate.  Metal parts plated brass and stainless steel.
Length Overall              2.9 m
Base                  0.3 m
Lower Whip      1.7 m
Upper Whip      0.95 m
Weight 5 kg
Colour Customer specified
Temperature Range – 40°C to + 71°C