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VHF/UHF vehicle whip, monopole/dipole, (GPS), 1.53 m, 30-88 MHz, 225-450 MHz

VHF30450DB Series

  • 30-88 MHz and 225-450 MHz
  • 2-ports, VHF and UHF
  • Designed for operation on all modern in-service platforms
  • Suitable for operation on shelters, masts or in other permanent installations
  • Rugged high quality antenna with a durable construction
  • NATO flange base with spring. Base options available
  • UHF antenna element located at the top of the whip for maximum range
  • VHF requires a ground plane
  • Optional L1/L2 GPS
Frequency Range VHF: 30-88 MHz
UHF: 225-450 MHz
GPS: see datasheet
VSWR VHF:   3.5
UHF:   3.5
Port-to-Port Isolation > 35 dB
Nominal Impedance 50 Ω
Power Rating VHF:   100 W CW
UHF:   50 W CW
Gain VHF: – 4 .. + 1 dB rel. ¼-whip
UHF: – 3 .. 1.5 dBi
Radiation Pattern Horizontal Plane:   Omnidirectional
Polarisation VHF and UHF: Vertical
Connector VHF:        BNC female (others available on request)
UHF:        BNC female (others available on request)
GPS:       SMA female (option)
Design VHF: End feed monopole.
UHF: Centre feed dipole.
Radiating element completely enclosed in epoxy/fibreglass laminate.  Metal parts are brass and stainless steel.
Weight* Whip:   1 kg
Base:   2.45 kg
Wind Rating 55 m/s
Finish Polyurethane lacquer
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C

* NATO 4-hole spring base (non GPS)