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VHF/UHF/L-Band Antenna Mast System, monopole/dipole, 8.5 m, 30-512 MHz, 1200-2000 MHz


The system is composed of a tripod assembly which interfaces a mast (AMX85) to an antenna (VHF302000DB).  The required cables, etc. are also supplied as listed below.

The antenna is the easiest and quickest antenna of this type to mount.  All the parts needed to erect a high gain tactical antenna are supplied in the transit bag.

This tactical antenna/mast system is an improved direct replacement for antennas such as the OE-254/GRC and other equivalents.  The VHF302000DB is a dualband two-port antenna (30 to 512 MHz and 1200 to 2000 MHz). It is a one piece tactical antenna designed for use with all modern in service radios covering the band from 30 to 512 MHz.  The extra port covering the modern SRW waveform allows for future upgrades to a full network centric system.

The modern design gives improved gain and radiation characteristics across the full frequency range.  For urgent use or stealth requirements, the antenna can also be used with only the tripod support and without the mast.

If required, the AMX85 mast support can be clamped to a vehicle and be used without the guy wires.  The mast sections may be used at
random and any number of sections can be used depending on the height required for good communications.  The mast design is robust and resistant to icing conditions as well as salt mist and sand.

Frequency Range 30-512 MHz and 1200-2000 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Gain – 7 to 1.5 dB rel. ¼ wave whip on ground plane for 30-512 MHz + 4 dBi for 1200-2000 MHz
VSWR 3.0:1 maximum
Polarisation Vertical
Pattern Omnidirectional
Connectors 30-512 MHz N female
1200-2000 MHz SMA female
Weight ~ 3.75 kg
Length ~ 1.6 m
RF Power Capacity 150 W CW
Colour Green
Mast Sections 7 pcs fibreglass tube with black paint finish
Guys 4 pcs, braided line on winder, adjustable
lock/snap hooks each end
Guy Pegs 6 pcs hot galvanised steel
Base Support Fibreglass with spikes
Top Load Accepts antenna plus tripod
Height ~ 8.5 m
Weight 16.2 kg including all accessories
Tripod P/N 045625 with three legs, mast adaptor and antenna adaptor
Tripod to Diplexer Cable 40 ft of coaxial cable
Diplexer One input and two output
Diplexer to Radio Cables 5 ft of coaxial cables (x2)