ULM-G 92 Series ~ 10 – 20 m Sectional Tripod Mast Kit, Glass Fibre Sections 1.5 m Sections, 92 mm Diameter

ULM-G 92 Series

20 m sectional tripod mast kit, glass fibre sections 1.5 m sections, dia 92 mm

  • Fully deployed heights of 10, 15, 17 & 20 m
  • The ULM-G 92 is a lightweight glass composite sleeve mast capable of supporting headloads up to 40 kg*
  • The mast comprises individual composite mast tube sections that fit together to give the desired height
  • The mast sections are RF invisible so omnidirectional antennas can be mounted at any height using an optional mounting bracket
  • The tripod support includes a lifting mechanism and hoist to raise each section
  • Telescopic tripod legs allow deployment on uneven ground
  • Tripod kneeling position for easy access to the top load
  • Central guying enables the guy tension to be maintained during erection of the mast. This enables the mast to be deployed safely in high winds
  • The mast is supplied with a ground mounting kit containing all the items required for field deployment
  • Particularly suited to supporting line-of-sight (LOS) antennas. Also suitable for supporting directional, omni-directional or wire antennas, optronic equipment and sensors
  • Azimuth rotation is possible from the ground to orientate directional top loads
  • Can be deployed by two operators in 20 minutes or three operators in 15 minutes (15m model)
  • Full compliancy with ANSI TIA/EIA-222-F wind standard
    *Maximum headload weight subject to wind surface area