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19” Thin Lightweight Display (1280 x 1024)


ScioTeq’s TL-248/2 offers a new generation upgrade solution for the TL-248.  The updated model includes the latest innovations in electronics, inputs/outputs, video processing and touch technology.

The TL-248/2 features a first-class 19” SXGA LCD with LED backlight offering excellent performance in terms of brightness, crispness, dimming, contrast and viewing angle.

Several options and bezel configurations are available to address virtually any mounting need in any application.  Additionally, the TL-248/2 combines this high level of performance and versatility with a very competitive price/performance value.

ScioTeq’s TL displays have been designed for application in the most extreme environments, making them suited for naval combat, army, UAV and airborne applications.

Panel Size 19 Inches
Resolution 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
Brightness Typical 250 cd/m² (72.5 fL), LED backlight
Contrast Typical 90 0:1
Standard Rugged Option
Ships MIL-STD-167-1 Type 1 MIL-STD-167-1 Type 1
Vibration / Airborne 2g MIL-E-5400T Fig.2, curve lla (sheet 2 of 3) 2, curve lla (sheet 2 of 3) 5g MIL-E-5400T Fig.2, curve lla (sheet 2 of 3)
Random MIL-STD-810F, Meth 514.5 Proc 1, comp. wheeled vehicle (C2 & C3)
Shock MIL-STD-810F
Meth 516.5
30 g – 12.5 ms
MIL-STD-810F, Meth, 514.5, 30 g -12.5 ms

MIL-S-901D Lightweight, Grade A

Operational Temperature Low temp: – 10°C (immediate usable image at power up, image fully compliant with specs after 30 minutes)
Low temp: 0°C
High Temp: + 50°C
Low temp: – 40°C
Storage Temperature Low temp: – 40°C
High Temp: + 70°C
Low temp: – 40°C
High Temp: + 70°C
Relative Humidity Max. 95% @ 40°C Max. 95% @ 40°C
Drip Proof MIL-STD-810F
Meth 506.4 proc III
Meth 506.4 proc III
Altitude Low Pressure 40,000 ft (187 mbar) 40,000 ft (187 mbar)
Rapid Decompression MIL-STD-810F, Meth 500.4
Proc III, 8000 to 40,000 ft in 15 s
Ingress Protection IPx5 on display front
IPx5 on unit level with optional circular MIL connectors
Signal Inputs 2 x DVI, VGA, HD-SDI, RS-232 or RS-422, USB, Ethernet
Power 28 VDC or 115-220 VAC
per MIL-STD-704E and MIL-STD-1275D guidelines
Weight ± 10 kg
Options LCD flicker compensation
Touch screen
Circular MIL connector interface