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Communication Mission Planning


The TCT Communication Mission Planning System takes the guesswork out of tactical communication deployment and enables the user to plan networks in both time and space.

The system can be used stand alone or together with CAPAS™ alignment systems for unprecedented speed and ease of deployment.  By keeping track of the equipment located with each unit, TCT helps a planner quickly identify possible links based on the available equipment and perform radio propagation analysis based on available terrain data.

For non-directional links the system can quickly calculate radio coverage for an arbitrary shaped area, useful for typical VHF Combat Radio Networks.

Upon deployment network data can be digitally disseminated to the tactical communication nodes, where the CAPAS™ alignment systems accurately direct the antennas for optimal performance — in a matter of seconds!

  • Time based planning
  • Inventory management
  • Tactical radio planning and analysis of coverage
  • Radio path calculations
  • LTE link budget and coverage calculations with expected bandwidth results
  • Point-to-multipoint planning
  • Rapid possible links calculations
  • Frequency planning
  • Satellite communication
  • Radio coverage calculation
  • Planning of gateway and transit connections
  • Configurable equipment
  • Frequency conflict calculations for radio links
  • Order creation
  • Equipment resources management
  • Interfacing for network monitoring
  • Order of battle overlay handling
  • Visualisation of antenna radiation patterns
  • Supports a broad range of geographical data formats and customisation of vector maps