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Tactical Speaker Microphone


The TACMIC CT7 comprises an internal speaker and microphone, PTT switch, volume control and connectors for external headset and wired PTT ancillaries.

  • The TACMIC incorporates an auto changeover circuit which detects connection of a headset, in which case the internal microphone and speaker are inhibited.  The TACMIC can be fitted with batteries for use on radios that have no DC supply.  A battery save circuit is employed until audio is detected thus current consumption is extremely low.  This greatly increases battery life.  Additionally, if a DC supply is available from a connected radio the TACMIC will detect this and switch the batteries out of circuit.
  • Audio amplifiers are employed to allow the speaker and microphone to be used without having to hold the TACMIC close to the face (this is referred to as the extended range function).
  • A tone signalling facility is also provided.  A heavy duty clothing clip is provided in the back of the TACMIC.  The TACMIC may be connected to different radio types by use of the appropriate adaptor lead.