Sabre Series ~ Optical Transmitter, Jam Nut

Sabre Series

Optical Transmitter, Jam Nut

Sabre series printed circuit board mounted optical transmitters enable high defi nition video transmission over long distances in harsh environments for:
SD/HD-SDI / SMPTE 259/292M

  • Cameras and Video Peripherals
  • Switches and Converters
  • Scalers and Adaptors

This D38999 size 09-01 shell provides a rugged optical interface that is compliant with ELIO® 2.5mm ceramic optical ferrules*.

The multimode optical fibre interface supports applications where copper cable link distance, bandwidth, weight or bulk make the use of twisted pair, twinax or quadrax copper conductors unacceptable.

*ELIO® is a registered trademark of Souriau