RA5001 ~ Medium-Noise Raptor Headset


Raptor Medium-Noise Headset

The RA5001 Raptor headset includes many design improvements based on more than six years of feedback from users of its very successful precursor, the RA5000 Raptor headset.  Its environmental and electromagnetic compatibility has been upgraded in line with the most challenging specifications (MIL-STD-810G and 461F).

It combines monaural or binaural communication, hearing protection, intelligibility, and situational awareness into a lightweight, comfortable and extremely rugged design.  It is ideal for use with next-generation commercial and military intercom systems in wheeled vehicles, shelters, and tactical operations centres.  The press-to-talk (PTT) unit reduces the head-borne weight and allows users to select between microphone, listen-only, and radio modes.

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