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Medium-Noise Raptor Headset


RA5001 RAPTOR headset offers Active Noise Reduction (ANR) communication intelligibility, and situational awareness.

The RAPTOR headset provides monaural or stereo communication, passive and active hearing protection, clear communication intelligibility and hear through situational awareness,  incorporated in a lightweight, comfortable and extremely rugged design.  It is ideal for use with next-generation commercial and military intercom systems within wheeled vehicles, shelters, and tactical operations centres. The chest mounted press-to-talk (PTT) unit reduces head borne weight and allows users to select between microphone, listen-only, and radio modes.


  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) SNR 23 db, for safer longer missions
  • High intelligibility communications in medium noise environments
  • Profiled earshell and headstrap assembly, allows user to put on and take off whilst retaining ballistic protection
  • Battery powered Hear Through (HT) microphones, for accurate situational awareness runs on AA battery
  • High reliability in harsh and wet environments – IP67 immersible
  • Chest mounted switchbox reduces on the head weight and physical burden
  • Resistant to ferrous particles for continuous use in high iron environments
  • Swappable boom microphone assembly to accommodate left or right handed shooters and reversible molle clip for left or right hand users