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Digital High-Noise Headset


Racal Acoustics has engineered its RA4000 digital headset to address current operator requirements with state-of-the-art solutions in electronics, materials, and ergonomics in a product category that has typically relied on older technologies.

The RA4000 headset offers unprecedented performance in hearing protection, sound quality, reliability, and versatility, for outstanding overall value.  As a complete solution, it offers modular, customisable, and upgradeable features and accessories to match specific mission requirements and extend useful life.

High-noise attenuation

The exceptional passive and active noise  reduction features protect the hearing of  users exposed to high levels of continuous noise.

Autonomous, battery-powered ANR

Advanced digital active noise reduction (ANR) technology improves attenuation performance at low frequencies, providing better protection.  Users enjoy this protection even when untethered from a communication system.

Local sound awareness and talk-through

The electronic compression circuitry presents local environment sounds to the wearer at safe   levels, so they are more aware of hazards and   risks and can have face-to-face conversations without defeating the hearing protection.  The output is electronically compressed so its level does not exceed a 85 dB(A) safety level.  This capability remains effective during untethered use.

Adjustable neckband

A fully adjustable neckband ensures consistent attenuation and comfort for extended durations.

Noise-cancelling boom microphone

The removable noise-cancelling boom microphone makes clear radio communication possible in high-noise environments, and a respirator  microphone can be attached.

Removable cables

The interface cable can be detached from  the headset earshell,  allowing full hearing  protection while untethered.  Alternative cables can be attached to connect with other audio equipment.

Press-to-talk switch

For convenience, the press-to-talk switch is ergonomically positioned on the headset.

Mechanical robustness

The RA4000 headset’s robust mechanical design and construction survive rough handling in harsh environments.

IP68 waterproofing

Continuous outdoor use and exposure to wind and   rain, snow, and ice are not a problem.  The headset also withstands immersion in water.

Headset wearing options

You can wear the RA4000 headset with a neckband or headband, or in a soft helmet liner for bump  protection.  The liner supports easy attachment of protective shells.

Interface Cable Weight on Head 650 g
Napeband force (adjustable) 12.2/14.5 N
Communication Modes Binaural, monaural, programmable
Frequency Response 100 Hz to 10 Hz
Input Impedance 500 Ω
Input Range Programmable 0-5 V
Comms Sensitivity Programmable up to 114 dB SPL
Removable Boom Microphone 150 Ω dynamic noise cancelling, anti-magnetic, immersible
Microphone Sensitivity Sensitivity – 90 dB
Microphone Output Range Programmable 0-15 V
Active Noise Reduction ANR Advanced digital ANR, battery or external powered
Binaural Talk-Through Digital compression to 85 dBA, battery or external powered
PTT Switch 3 positions, located on left earshell
Talk-Through Volume Control Off/on, adjustable – 6/0/+6/+12 dB
Comms Volume Control Adjustable – 6/0/+6/+12 dB
External Power 4.5 to 36 VDC, 1 W (3.5 W peak)
Internal Power 1 x AA 1.5 cell, operation when untethered
Interface Cable Detachable, configured and terminated to suit equipment requirements
Compatibility Radios, intercoms, smart phones