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Slimline Rugged Handset


Low-profile RA250 Slimline handset works with helmets, offers versatile mic, earphone, and controls options

Our rugged RA250 handset meets military standards for operation, reliability, and electromagnetic compatibility.  Its low-profile earpiece ensures communications intelligibility with a protective helmet, and its adaptable design allows a range of customised configurations for specific requirements.

In addition to a wide range of microphone, earphone, cable, and connector options, the RA250 handset offers rotary or keypad controls, volume adjustments, LED or low-temperature LCD displays, and a range of radio functions, such as channel, mode, power, and frequency agility.

To add even more capabilities, uncommitted space within the handset base can house specialised circuitry, including amplifiers, keypad encoders, encryption devices, or selective calling modules, all powered directly by the host equipment.

The RA250 handset is available in standard olive drab and black, as well as in special-order options, such as desert sand, red, and yellow.

  • Low Profile earpiece for helmet compatibility
  • Rugged construction for hostile environments
  • Flexible configuration for customised applications
  • Waterproof sealing
  • Easy-to-service design
  • High EMC performance