RA108 ~ Slimgard II High-Noise Headset

RA108 - NSN: 5985-99-725-4414

Slimgard II High-Noise Headset

Originally designed to meet the communication and hearing protection needs of US mechanised infantry operating in tracked vehicles, wearing close-fitting PASGT-style ballistic helmets.  Subsequently, the variant for the Canadian Iris system was developed. RA108 units are now fielded worldwide – including Canada, Australia, Austria, and Spain – for infantry commander and passenger applications, in both tracked and
wheeled APCs.

Tracked APCs such as the M113 and Bradley AIFV present significant communication and hearing-protection difficulties due to high-intensity, low-frequency noise from the drive train.  The RA108 headset attenuates higher-frequency ambient noise through passive noise reduction (PNR), using the mass and volume of the headset.  For lower frequencies, it relies on supplementary attenuation from Racal Acoustics’ proprietary active noise reduction (ANR) technology, uniquely implemented in low-profile modules for helmet compatibility.

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