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Continuing Enhancement of the Personal Role Radio

PRR Enhancements

In response to changing customer requirements, and in recognition of the ever changing close combat operational environment, Leonardo has developed a number of capability enhancements for the Personal

Role Radio (PRR). These are available on an as-required basis, supplementing the proven operational capability provided by the PRR.

The PRR retains its original capabilities, ensuring the existing operational effectiveness is not compromised by any of the new enhancements. The PRR at the heart of this system uses advanced 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology and is based on a power output of 50 mW.

The inherent flexibility of PRR and the proven implementation of the enhancements enable the user to select the combination best suited to his particular requirements.

  • Encryption
  • Extended range
  • Enhanced antenna
  • Goose neck antenna
  • Data enabled
  • Rebroadcast station
  • Base station for Command and Control posts
  • Special-to-purpose ancillaries