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Frame mount for ComPact 1200/2400 series power suppliers and battery chargers


The ruggedised Frame Mount Kit provides a solid protective casing for the ComPact AC/DC Power Supply and allows the ComPact to be quickly deployed in environments outside of a vehicle or shelter.

The Frame Mount Kit has integrated handles for easy pick-up and carrying. It also comes with a velcro strap to keep cables in place. A bumper replacement kit is available.

The Frame Mount Kit is suitable for ComPact 1200 and 2400 series power supplies and battery charges.

Colour Dark Green, MGK-93
Paint Teknodur 3830-04
Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions Width: 30.6 cm
Height: 24.6 cm
Depth: 51.4 cm
Options Frame Mount kit including ComPact 2400 AC/DC Power Supply – P600360.015
ComPact Frame Mount Bumper replacement kit – P600360.018