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Communication Kit, ComPact Series Power Supplies

Communication Kit

All ComPact series products include an RS-485 communication bus and can be software defined using the ComPact Configuration Utility (CCU) Software.  The CCU is designed for use by technical people to set up and debug a ComPact, before deployment into a tactical situation.  The Communication Kit contains all the items required to connect a ComPact series product to a suitable Windows computer.  The ComPact Configuration Utility Software allows status monitoring, alarm configuration, enable/disable features and firmware upgrades.  A wide range of configurable parameters enable software customisation such as output voltage, current limit, alarm limits, and battery technology.  The ComPact configuration utility is a free of charge Windows application available for download from the ComPact support page on the Comrod website.

The ComPact Configuration Utility software is used for configuring, monitoring and upgrading the firmware on a ComPact series product. All functionality of the ComPact can be software configured including:

  • AC input minimum voltage
  • AC input current limit
  • DC output voltage
  • DC output current/power limit
  • Charging algorithms -2/3/4 stage charging, temperature compensated charging
  • Parallel operation
  • Alarm outputs
  • Over temperature protection
  • DC cable voltage drop compensation
  • Front panel user interface
  • Error handling
  • Password protection (protects the ComPact from being reconfigured or firmware upgraded)

A configuration can be saved to file, and easily copied between ComPact series power supplies.  The ComPact Configuration Utility can show, edit and create configurations without being connected to a Compact.