MT1590 ~ 8 m Telescopic Composite Mast, Push-Up 1.6 m Retracted


8 m telescopic composite mast, push-up 1.6 m retracted

  • The MT 100 / 8-1.6 is a push-up 8m composite telescopic mast designed to support headloads up to 7 kg*
  • Composite GRP tube material offers exceptional stiffness and lightweight
  • Unique bayonet mechanism for locking tubes into position. Lift tube, twist and drop into locked position.  No complicated tube clamping mechanism
  • Fully extended height 8m.  Mast can also be used at lower heights as required
  • Retracted height 1.65m
  • Suitable for elevating lighter top loads such as omnidirectional antennas, wire antennas, sensors and optronic equipment
  • Suitable for military and professional applications
  • Metal parts are plated and painted
  • Supplied with ground mounting kit as standard
  • Tripod mounting assembly available.  Manufactured from lightweight GRP composite material
  • Vehicle and shelter mounting brackets available.  Brackets also available with slope compensation and 90° tilt system for stowage