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Universal Vehicle Adaptor, Handheld Radio Charger


The MRC-UVA Universal Vehicle Adaptor is the ultimate handheld radio docking and charging solution for vehicle communications.  Now you can use the same handheld radio, mounted or dismounted.  It is designed for “jerk-and-run” scenarios, and is compatible with widely fielded radios from Thales and others.

The MRC-UVA features a universal pocket that accepts up to 16 radios (including variants).  The MRC-UVA can be used in tactical or non-standard vehicles to provide radio mounting and charging.  As an added safety feature, the MRC-UVA monitors the radio battery cell temperature to turn off charging if an overtemperature condition exists.

Size Height: 18.11 cm
Width 12.39 cm
Length 9.04 cm
Weight (without radio) < 1.13 kg
Input Voltage 11-36 VDC (12 V/24 V compatible)
100 W maximum
Reliability 15,000 hours (MIL-HDBK-217F)
Operating Temperature – 30°C to + 49°C
DC Input Connector Glenair Mighty Mouse series
Switch Front Panel, momentary push button
Indicators Power/Charge Status, NVIS compatible
Finish Black