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Transceiver Power Supply, AC/DC, Small Form Factor


The MRC-UPU0003 Uninterruptible Power Supply was designed specifically for the AN/PRC-117G radio.  Virtually any AC or DC power source is compatible with this power supply making it an ideal solution for providing uninterrupted power, anywhere.  When used with the AN/PRC-117G at an 8:1:1 duty cycle, the unit provides greater than 3 hours run time.

Like all Ultralife power supplies, the MRC-UPU0003 is 85-250 VAC / 47-440 Hz ready and has the ability to be powered from virtually any DC input source likely to be encountered in military and/or commercial vehicles.  Each is MIL-STD-461E for EMI compliance and MIL-STD-810 compliant.

Size (HxWxL) 99.3 mm x 180.3 mm 146.1 mm
Weight 2.3 kg (including battery)
AC Input Voltage 85 – 250 V DC
47 – 440 Hz
DC Input Voltage 10 – 36 V DC, MIL-STD-1275
Output Voltage (Internal Battery) 24 – 33 V DC Lithium-Ion
Transceiver Power 3 A continuous, 4 A peak
Auxiliary Power Output 26.5 V DC @ 1 A continuous
Operating Temperature  – 30°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature  – 40°C to + 71°C
Operating Altitude 4.6 km
Storage Altitude 12.2 km
Immersion MIL-STD-810G
Humidity 95% relative
LED Indicators AC / DC / Battery Power
Battery Charge 6 hours
Safety Automatic reset over-current protection
Cables Included PCP-35 AC Input Cord
PCP-65 DC Input Cord
Finishes Available Black (MRC-UPU0003)
Olive (MRC-UPU0004)
Sand (MRC-UPU0005)
  • Wide range of input voltages
  • Self-contained operation
  • Recharges while operating
  • Optional vehicle mount available
  • Simple arm/disarm toggle switch
  • Lightweight – 2.3 kg with battery