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Dual Transceiver Case Series


The  MRC-94  series  of  dual  transceiver  power systems   are   transport   case   mounted,  self- contained    power    systems    which    operate directly with the following radios:

  • AN/PRC-117F
  • AN/PRC-150 Transceiver
  • AN/PSC-5 Series Transceivers
  • AN/PRC-113 Series Transceivers
  • AN/URC-200 Series Transceivers

Two MRC-67A amplified speakers are included with  the  system  allowing  remote  monitoring away from case. Equipment is securely mounted on  a  double  tray.  Tray  can  be  extended  and  braced   in   an   elevated   position   for   ease   of operation.  The systems can be fully operational in less than three minutes.

AC Input 95 – 270 V AC
47 – 440 Hz
DC Input 11 – 36 V DC
Size (LxWxH) 490.5 mm x 623.8 mm x 303.3 mm
Weight 15.9 kg (without communication equipment or battery)
Operating Temperature – 30°C to + 45°C
Storage Temperature – 50°C to + 65°C
Operating Altitude 8.2 km
Storage Altitude 16.8 km
Immersion 3 m
Humidity 95% relative
Power Components
  • MRC-94
    Power Supply: MRC-82A
    Internal Battery: UBI-2590/BB-2590
  • MRC-94-01
    Power Supply: MRC-99-01
    Internal Battery: MRC-490 Sealed Lead Acid
  • MRC-94-02
    Power Supply: MRC-99-02\
  • MRC-94-03
    Power Supply: MRC-93
  • Internal Battery: Optional
    (Does not charge battery)
Cables Included
  • MRC-67A-23-072 (2): 6ft Speaker DC Power Cable
  • MRC-67A-24-072 (2): 6ft Speaker Audio Cable
Accessories Included
  • MRC-82A (2) interoperable power adaptor/chargers
  • MRC-67A (2) amplified speakers
  • Self-contained operation
  • Operates from virtually any AC or DC Power Source
  • Dual amplified speakers for remote mounting
  • Easy operation, units can be fully operational in less that 3 minutes
  • Cas-mounted with space for storing power cables, handset, LOS or STACOM antennas