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Transceiver Power Supply, AC/DC, Wide Form Factor


The MRC-187 incorporates a state-of-the-art rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (BB-390) to provide long life battery operation in addition to worldwide power applications for a number of transceivers presently fielded by the U.S. military:

  • AN/PRC-117F Transceiver
  • AN/PRC-138 Series Transceivers
  • AN/PRC-150 Series Transceivers
  • AN/PSC-5D MBMMR Transceiver
  • AN/PSC-5 Series Transceivers
Size (HxWxD) 83.06 mm x 269.24 mm x 158.75 mm
Weight 2.09 kg (without battery)
AC Input Voltage 95 – 265 V AC
47 – 440 Hz
DC Input Voltage 9 – 36 V DC
DC Output Voltage 26.5 V DC at 5.5 amps
26.5 V DC at 7 amps
Operating Temperature  – 30°C to + 55°
Storage Temperature  – 50°C to + 65°
Operating Altitude 8.2 km
Storage Altitude 16.8 km
Humidity 95% relative
Cables Included PCP-35 AC Power Cord
PCP-40 DC Input Cord
Cables Optional PCP-55 Auto Adaptor DC Power Cable
PCP-235 NATO Plug Cable
PCP-257 24 V DC Input Cable
  • Wide range of AC and DC input voltages
  • Can power amplified speakers or other 26.5 VDC applications
  • AC and DC modules allow transceiver operation independent of recharge
  • Recharges strings of battery cells independently