MIK-21-75 ~ UHF SATCOM-On-The-Move Vehicle System


Radio Agnostic SATCOM On-the-Move System

There is no system more compact, complete and affordable that integrates amplified audio, radio power and power distribution.  Originally designed for the AN/PRC-117F and AN/PSC-5
Series Transceivers, the MIK-21-75 is actually radio agnostic, meaning it works with any of the manpack radios currently available.

The system easily integrates into most military vehicles. Installation is made easier because the MIK-21-75 features adaptable mounts and is pre-wired for quick connectivity.
A SATCOM antenna mounting bracket is also included for easy mounting into the vehicle. The system operates with a wide range of DC input voltages and includes a 75-watt amplifier.

The system integrates amplified audio (MRC-67A Amplified Speaker), radio power and power distribution.