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Lightweight Portable Amplification System


The LPAS-320U (Lightweight Portable Amplification System) combines versatility and functionality in one packaged solution weighing less than 6 kg.  The LPAS includes the popular A-320* amplifier, an integrated MRC-93 rechargeable power supply and universal radio pocket.  The universal pocket accepts 16 radios (including variants) fielded today.  Optional accessories such as a handset, speaker, and antennas are available.

*LPAS-320U compatible with A-320V1, A-320V2-A, and A-320V3 amplifiers ONLY.

AC Input 95-265 VAC
DC Input 11-36 VDC
Radio Pocket Universal
Size Width 26.29 cm
Length 28.70 cm
Height 8.89 cm
Environmental Qualifications MIL-STD-810G
Salt Fog
Sand and Dust
Reliability + 15,000 hours
Frequency Range 30-512 MHz (full spectrum)
RF Input 5 W (nominal)
RF Output (FM) 20 W
RF Output (AM) 20 W PEP
110-512 MHz
Power 18-36 VDC
RF Connector (RAD/ANT) BNC/TNC
Operating Temperature – 40°C to + 60°C
Weather Resistant Yes
Finish Black, anodised
AC Input 95-270 VAC
47-440 Hz
DC Input 9-36 VDC
DC Output 26.5 V DC @ 5.5 amps (7 amps peak)
Size Height 8.31 cm
Width 26.92 cm
Depth 15.88 cm
Weight (without battery) 1.7 kg
Cables Included PCP-35 AC input
PCP-65 DC input
Cables Optional PCP-55 Auto – DC with banana plugs
PCP-40 DC input
PCP-235 NATO input