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VHF manpack wire antenna, dipole, 4.1 m, 30-88 MHz


The LB3088W is a VHF 30-88 MHz wire dipole antenna designed to give higher performance than a VHF Dipole antenna (at the same power) in a compact and flexible solution. The antenna is EMP protected.

For special forces needing high performance with a compact and low weight. This antenna can be deployed using a lightweight mast or by hoisting using trees. Comrod proposes using the ultra light 9 metre mast, just 3 kg total weight.

Frequency 30-88 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
VSWR ≤ 5
Impedance 50 Ω
Gain – 4 dBd from 50-88 MHz
– 7 dBd at 30 MHz
Power Handling 10 W (between – 40°C and + 70°C
EMP Protection Included