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VHF manpack folding whip, monopole, 2.9 m, 30-88 MHz

LB3088 V3L

The LB3088 V3L is a folding whip antenna that is instantly erectable and is designed for use in the 30 to 88 MHz band.

This particular antenna is intended for mounting on new generation manpack VHF combat radios, and particularly on the F@STNET.

Frequency Range 30-88 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
VSWR Radio on the Ground (Dry Ground) < 3.5
Radio on Manpack < 3.1
Power Rating 100 W CW
Gain (Radio on Manpack – 6 dB to + 1 dBd
Permission Power > 20 W (- 40°C to + 71°C to)
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Connection BNC compatible with F@STNET radio
Total Length 2908 mm