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VHF manpack blade, monopole, 1.59 m, 30-88 MHz

LB3088 V3C

The LB3088 V3C is a tape antenna designed to be used in the 30 to 88 MHz band.  The antenna is intended for mounting on the new generation and particularly on the F@STNET radio. It has been designed for environments with difficult penetration.

Frequency Range 30-88 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
VSWR < 5.5
Gain (radio on manpack) – 10 dB to 1 dBd
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Connection BNC compatible with F@STNET radio
EMP Protection Yes
Total Length 1590 mm
AMU Gooseneck Length 282.5 mm
Tape Length 1318 mm
Total Weight 440 g