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UHF manpack blade, monopole, 0.31 m, 225-512 MHz


UHF whip monopole broadband antenna designed to equip handheld and manpack radio.  It operates in transmit-receive mode from 225 to 512 MHz via broadband base matching unit.

The antenna is made of the following components:

  1. Matching unit box
  2. Flexible whip

The antenna is designed ergonomically to provide the minimum hazard to operating personnel under normal operating conditions. All contact areas are at a level of voltage which is not a hazard to personnel.

With respect to the danger represented by chemicals or radioactivity dusts, the antenna includes as many smooth surfaces as possible and as few porous materials as feasible.

No paint is used. The metal parts are given a covering to protect them from corrosion.

Frequency Range 225-512MHz
Polarisation Vertical
Connection TNC Plug
Characteristic Impedance 50 Ω
Standing Wave Ratio* VSWR ≤  3:1 @ 225-450 MHz
VSWR ≤ 3.5:1 @ 450-512 MHz
Power Strength The antenna resists an incident power of 16 during 30 minutes at a temperature of 70°C

*Antenna mounted on a dummy portable radio

Temperature Range
(Operational and Storage)
– 40°C to + 70°C
Relative Humidity 95% RH
Salt Fog 96 Hours
Immersion 1 m
Shock 3 shocks per axis and per direction
Free Fall 26 falls of the equipped portable radio (antenna + radio + batteries) from 1.2 m onto 5 cm fir board