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Antenna Coupler, VHF/UHF, Four Transceivers – One Antenna, 10-400 MHz


The INTAS-S4 passive antenna combiner allow four transceivers to be connected to a single antenna. Reducing the number of antennas on a platform reduces the visual impact and can improve the radiation pattern due to the reduced effect of co-site interference.

Successful integration of multiple antennas onto ground and shipboard platforms poses many challenges. Platform features impact antenna performance by blocking, reflecting or re-radiating energy, and co-site interference can impair the effectiveness of multi-antenna installations.


Frequency Range 10-400 MHz
Channel Spacing Any spacing (equipment defined)
Radio Bit Rate Any rate (equipment defined)
Transmitting Power 4 x 50 W maximum
Insertion Loss Less than 6.8 dB through multi-coupler
Less than 0.1 dB through emergency loop
Impedance HF inputs: 50 Ω
HF ouputs: 50 Ω
Interoperability Operation with radio system within a frequency range of 10-400 MHz
Environmental Per MIL-STD-810/DIN 58390
Operating Temperature Range – 35°C to + 63°C
Dimensions Approximately 235 x 251 x 77 mm
Weight Approximately 3 kg
Connectors BNC female, or customer specified