HF230L-OTM ~ HF loop antenna, NVIS, 2 m diameter, 2 – 30 MHz


HF loop antenna, 2 – 30 MHz

The HF230L-OTM is a compact HF antenna for on-the-move vehicular platforms from 2 to 30 MHz.  It is designed to provide superior Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) performance at distances from 0 to 500 km and allows continuous communications in ground-wave, NVIS and skywave applications.

The HF230L-OTM is a direct replacement for existing whip antennas and uses the same NATO base support.  The replacement of the whip by the HF230L-OTM takes just a few minutes and requires no special installation equipment nor changes to the structure of the vehicle.

This compact antenna is recommended for multiple antenna platforms, both because of its small size and because it reduces co-site interference with all V/UHF whip antennas.  The HF230L-OTM has been designed to give superior reliability and easier installation at a far lower cost compared to other HF NVIS antennas.