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Tethered Drone


A lightweight expeditionary system, HARC-TD-50 flies the antenna(s) for your MANET or conventional radios as high as 50 m above ground level (AGL) at density altitudes up to 12,000 ft. The HARC-TD drone is small, minimising visual profile when flying, quiet, and safe to handle. The airborne drone is electrically powered via its tether and can fly indefinitely, for hours or days.

With HARC-TD-50, your radio with Type 1 encryption can stay on the ground while its antenna is high overhead, relayed via a HARC-TD-UHF payload module. Your MANET radio uses interchangeable, waveform-specific payload modules: HARC-TDTSM, HARC-TD-WaveRelay, HARCTD-MNMIMO. High performance camera modules can also be flown, for persistent ISR.

To deploy HARC-TD, connect a vehicle battery or generator power, connect your radio’s antenna port, and press the “Up” button. The drone rapidly ascends to a user-set altitude and keeps station indefinitely.  If ground power is interrupted, the drone safely and rapidly descends using its on-board backup battery.  When your comms are completed, minutes or days later, press the “Down” button and return the drone to the ground.

Line-of-Sight to Horizon 25 km
MANET Radios including:
  • TrellisWare TW radios using the TSM™ waveform
  • Persistent Systems MPU radios using the Wave Relay® waveform
  • Silvus StreamCaster radios using the MN-MIMO™ waveform
  • Harris radios using the TSM-X waveform
UHF (225-450 MHz) Waveforms including: SRW, ANW2, P25, TETRA, EPLRS, FM voice,
Conventional Radios including: PRC-117, PRC-148, PRC-152, PRC-153, PRC-
154, PRC-155, civilian radios
Cameras including:
  • NOCTIS dual imager IR with optional Class 4 laser pointer
  • ION 30X 720- HD EO imager
  • DUO+ EO/IR payload with optional laser illuminator
  • Perceptor EO/IR payload with optional
    laser illuminator
User Power Supply 800 W universal AC; vehicle DC power adaptor
Operating Altitude 16 ft AGL
Maximum Density Altitude 12,000 ft ASL
Operating Temperature – 10°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature – 40°C to + 80°C