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Line of Sight for 1 Channel


The versatile, second-generation FORAX-LS is a high performance alternative to conventional coaxial cable, affording greater flexibility in antenna location plus electrical isolation from the user’s radio or repeater.  The antenna can be located up to 10 km away while the radio/repeater remains near the user, enhancing the physical security of both the equipment and its user.

FORAX-LS is optimised to operate with radios used for tactical communications by US and allied forces.  FORAX-LS transports all VHF and UHF communications waveforms including SRW, ANW2, SINCGARS, ANDVT, AM/FM voice, and Commercial and Military SATCOM.

FORAX-LS consists of a Radio Interface Unit (RIU) connected by a user-supplied optical fibre cable to an Amplifier Interface Unit (AIU).  The RIU connects to the radio’s antenna port using a coaxial cable.  At the antenna site, the AIU connects to the customer’s high-power amplifier (HPA) with a coaxial cable.

Frequency Range 30-2600 MHz*
Supported Waveforms All tactical waveforms** (keyline optional)
RF Connectors TNC
RF Input Power 1-5 W typical*
20 W Survivable
RF Out Drive Power Up to 5 W*
Fibre Connector SC-APC (FC-APC optional)
Fibre Type One single mode fibre*
Fibre Range 5 dB optical loss maximum
1-10 km typical
Power Supply 18-32 VDC (AC adaptors included)
Power Consumption RIU: 3 W
AIU: 16 W RX / 40 W TX

* Refer to the model designations and accessories
** Switch-selectable for constant envelope or variable envelope waveforms

Dimensions Depth: 166 mm
Width: 70 mm
Height: 51 mm
Weight System: 1.37 kg
Module: 0.69 kg each
Operating Temperature – 10°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature – 40°C to + 80°C