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Fibre Optic Remote Antenna Extension


HARC-Mini answers the need for a field expedient solution to lofting a radio antenna as high as 150 m.  With configurations weighing as little as 1.25 kg plus antenna, just add a small balloon – or even a lifting kite – and you are communicating.  Communications have good margin out to 40 km from 150 m over level ground.

Lightweight, modular HARC-Mini antennas are easily changed in the field.  The specific antenna you need is snapped on in seconds.  Antennas are already available for several frequency bands in the 30-512 MHz range, and antennas up to 2 GHz are imminent.

HARC-Mini is optimised for Half-Duplex (Push-To-Talk) radios operating with any land mobile radio including P25, TETRA, heritage trunking systems, VHF voice, UHF voice, and AM.  Various battery sizes and external power options are available, making HARC-Mini universally configurable.

Frequency Range 30-512 MHz
RF Connectors TNC
RF Input Power 1-5 W
20 W Survivable
RF Transmit Power 2 W (30-512 MHz)
Fibre Type One single mode fibre
Fibre Connector SC-APC

AIU includes weather-tight connector features

Dimensions Width: 12.7 cm
Depth: 8.3 cm
Height: 25.4 cm
Weight (without batteries) 1.25 kg
Operating Temperature – 10°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature – 40°C to + 80°C