ComPact 2400 AC/DC PS

NSN: 6130-25-160-8484


“The input current of ComPact is power factor corrected and designed for optimum utilisation of weak power sources such as portable generators. The efficiency is very high due to soft switching technology. ComPact can operate stand alone or be mounted in 19’’ rack system.

The RS-485 bus can be used for control, monitoring and setup. Detailed status and statistics can be retrieved. The bus is also used for interconnecting multiple units in a redundant or parallel system. The signal connectors provide several signals in addition to the RS485 bus: alarm relay outputs and input for battery temperature sensor. Temperature compensated charging ensures full battery capacity over the entire temperature range. ComPact can be configured to charge different battery technologies such as Li-Ion, LiPo, lithium iron phosphate and lead-acid. ComPact can be software configured according to customer specification. The firmware is user upgradeable for future battery technologies and facilities. ComPact is protected from overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, reversed polarity and over temperature.”

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