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ComPact dual-input power supply and battery charger, 9-16 VDC, 99-276 VAC / 5-34 VDC, 42A

ComPact 1200 12V Dual Input

NSN: 6130-25-1610-2806

Input 1: AC, 120/230 VAC, 50/60/400 Hz

Input 2: DC, 9-16 VDC

Output: 20-34 VDC, 40 A, 1200 W

Part Number: P600320

The ComPact Dual Input is a compact DC power supply and battery charger with dual inputs, switching seamlessly between an AC and DC power source, all while maintaining a stable DV voltage at the output.

The AC input current is power factor corrected and designed for optimum utilisation of weak power sources such as portable generators. The DC input enables the unit to operate from the vehicle power. When powered from the AC source, the ComPact will charge any battery connected to DC output as well as the vehicle battery connected to the DC input, preventing self-discharge.

AC Input

Input Voltage 90 – 276 VAC
Power Factor
-Load: 28 VDC, 40 A, Vin: 50/60 Hz
Typical 0.99
Input Current
-Load: 1250 W
-Vin: 50/60 Hz
Vin: 99 VAC – ≤ 15.5 A
Vin: 120 VAC – ≤ 13 A
Vin: 230 VAC – ≤ 7 A
Total Harmonic Distortion
-Load: 28 VDC, 40 A
-Vin: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
≤ 12%
-Load: 28 VDC, 40 A
Vin: 120 VAC – ≥ 88%
Vin: 230 VAC – ≥ 90%

DC Input

Input Voltage Operational – 9.0 – 16.0 VDC
Maximum – 25.0 VDC
Charging 8 A, 3 stage
Input Current
-Load: 1250 W
Vin: 11.0 VAC – ≤ 130 A
Vin: 13.2 VAC – ≤ 109 A
-Load: 28 VDC, 40 A
Vin: 13.2 VAC – ≥ 82%

DC Output

Default Output Voltage 28.0 VDC
Adjustable Output voltage 5 – 34 VDC
Overvoltage Protection (OVP) 36.5 V
Default Output Current Limit 42 A
Adjustable Current Limit 5 – 42 A
Short Circuit Current ≤ setting of current limiter + 1 A
Load Sharing ≤ 2 A deviation
Output Voltage Ripple and Noise
-Bandwidth: 20 MHz
≤ 100 mVp-p
Load Regulation Typical: 50 mV
Line Regulation Negligible
Safety CE Marked
Input Circuit Breaker The input circuit breaker is for failure protection and is also used as an ON/OFF switch. When switched “OFF”, the ComPact Dual Input will switch to the DC source.
Alarms Status signals are fed to separate potential outputs, and are indicated in separate LEDs.
LEDs in the AC input section: Power OK, Error, Current limit
LEDs in the DC input section: Power OK, Error, Charge
Display The display can be toggled between output voltage, output current and alarm/error codes.
AC and DC Input Voltage When the AC voltage drops below the safe operating range, the ComPact will switch to the 12 VDC source. When the AC input voltage returns to a safe level, the ComPact will switch back to the AC input.
Connectors AC input:
97B-3102E-16-10P-PCC-622 Amphenol or similarDC input:
Positive: Bayonet, MG 02R 20 2P-SQF 36 123 LT-101E-RT
Negative: Bayonet, MG 02R 20-2P-SQF 36 126 LT-101E-RT
NTC: Binder 09-0416-30-05
Alarm: Binder 09-0412-30-04

DC output:
97B-3102E-22-22S-622 Amphenol or similar
Alarm 1: Binder 09-0404-30-02
Alarm 2: Binder 09-0412-30-04
NTC/COM: 2 pieces. Binder 09-0416-30-05

Grounding Available in the front and back
Acoustic Noise At ambient temperatures below 45°C the acoustic noise 45 dBA
Frequency 45 – 430 Hz
Cooling Forced air by temperature controlled fan